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Mood Urban is a more informal, street-inspired line that fits your idea of fashion. All Urban hats are born to be the sign of belonging to a group or a community: choose yours and show your personality.

Special Fabric

Fabrics as Nylon, Microfiber or Viscose, used not only for sportwear and outdoor style, but also for fashionable events.

Baseball - 6 panels

The 6-panel baseball cap features a centre front seam that acts as a reinforcement and makes it particularly suitable for embroidery. It is a typical sports baseball cap style and a favourite among all generations.


Typical of baseball players, the structured caps are reinforced on the front with buckram or stiff fabric, giving them more structure and avoiding them to lose their shape when you take them off.


The ideal cap for informal events and all open air activities.

Closure with buckle

Caps with a buckle are one of the most common types and they are characterised by a metal closure that can be customised in shape and decoration.

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- Standard delivery 48h
- Express delivery  24h*