Embroidery is an art of decorating fabrics that consists of adding a flat or raised pattern made of simple threads to a fabric, sometimes incorporating materials such as sequins, pearls or even precious stones.

It can be divided into three main classes:

manual: made by hand, using a needle or crochet;

semi-mechanical: with an embroidery machine;

 mechanical: industrial.



 How does it work?

we need to digitize your logos and create the embroidery program

Prepare the machines and the different wires to be used for your logo

Placing either flat for t-shirts or framed for caps

Embroidery execution

Finishing (wire cutting, cleaning of supports, etc...)

broderie sur casquette

Why choose embroidery and what are its advantages?

At Magic custom®, our expert 'Roman' allows you to create all kinds of badges, logos and embroidered texts on a wide range of products directly available in our Parisian workshop. From the cap, which remains our great specialty, to the organic embroidered t-shirt or the embroidered sweatshirt and sweater, we are able to produce from 1 piece to more than 1000 in record time!

  • Resistance and longevity of the marking and wires
  • Soft touch, slightly raised
  • Embroidery Thread Brilliance
  • Point Resistance
  • Accuracy of embroidery details
  • Handmade retouching and permanent control
  • Washing in washing machines.

Price factors:

Type of garment

For almost every type of product, we have a cheap, mid-range and high-end option, and there are many styles to choose from - not just t-shirts!

Quantity ordered

Due to the nature of embroidery, the more items you order, the lower your price will be when you pass the price break points.

Number of printed slots

Each location requires a new configuration and a new print run for your footprint. For example, embroidery on the front only will always be cheaper than on the front and back.

The size of the pattern

The bigger your design is, the more stitches it will contain, the longer the embroidery will be and the more it will vary. 

Date in hand

We are able to produce the same day according to orders. For large quantities Orders are produced on demand on your due date.

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