Secure payment

With PayPal, you will no longer have to reveal your card numbers or banking details during your online shopping. Simply enter your email address and password to confirm your payments. If you forget your login details, you can retrieve them with your secret questions. Pay online with your email and PayPal password.
Paypal keeps your bank details in a secure place and does not disclose them to any seller. Each payment is secured by a high level encryption system. Opening an account is free and no fees will be charged for all your purchases made by PayPal.

The site is secured by a security system using the universal SSL encryption process. The credit card number entered is only known to the bank and does not pass through the server. Our banking partner Société Génerale, experts in digital payment, ensures you an exemplary security.
The order validated by the customer will only be considered effective when the bank payment centres concerned have given their agreement. In the event of refusal by the said centres, the order will be automatically cancelled and the customer notified by e-mail.

Payment is made online on a platform external to the secure online sales site.

The seller does not have access to the customer's banking information.

Avec Visa/Mastercard/Paypal

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