Digital printing uses the latest technology to offer a solution for printing small orders (less than 6 pieces) with an almost unlimited number of colours in the design.

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For many customers, this is a great way to get colour prints on just a few t-shirts. Screen printing an order of this size with a large number of colours used to be prohibitively expensive before the advent of digital printing. Also known as "Direct-To Garment" or "Print On Demand", the process works just like a traditional inkjet computer printer, but for clothing!

It provides high quality and durable images.

Printing on any coloured garment, recommended for dark printing on light coloured garments for best results.

Digital printing is a much newer process where your artwork is processed by computer and then printed directly onto the surface of your product. Digital printing is not a transfer - the ink is glued directly onto the fabric of your shirt. The fact that the design is processed and printed digitally means that you can get enough of it, since there is no screen or physical installation. Digital printing is preferably used for items that require a large amount of detail and/or print colours, for customers who require water-based ink and for smaller quantity orders (5 pieces or less). The fact that the digital printer does not use a screen makes it possible to make a photographic print, with much more detail than traditional screen printing. Since the ink is applied more finely (to achieve such detail), digital printing is best done on lighter coloured folders to allow the design to show through.

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