More than a Game

As in sports, movies, music and everything else that surrounds it... life is not a game. 

It's an ordeal!

Because every day is a new challenge to be taken up More than a Game has created a textile collection where each of its models presents those who surpass themselves on a daily basis wearing a mask, emblem of the fight that concerns each one of us: Life.

Whoever we are, we have all been tested by the events of this first half of 2020. A way for More than a Game to encourage everyone to protect themselves and to wear this mask in the image of the stars of this world.

No one is invulnerable, and wearing this mask is not just about protecting yourself. It's also about protecting others and those you love.

Don't underestimate yourself, don't underestimate nature, don't underestimate life.

More than a Game.

More than a Game is a registered trademark.

Created by a duo of Parisian designers, the brand wants to be light and universal while conveying a strong message of combativeness in a world where even embracing your loved ones can become dangerous.

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